Polly Roberts has exhibited twice in the Norwich Arts Centre. Both exhibitions were a collaboration of visual arts in response to her writing.


‘Social or Solitary’

This exhibition was a collaboration of 14 artists working in response to each chapter of curator Polly Roberts’ travel memoir Social or Solitary. It was originally curated for the Norwich Arts Centre but later toured around the UK.  Reading from left to right around the room, as you would a book, the art, along with extracts from Social or Solitary, narrates Polly’s journey as she travels across North America in search of a lifestyle that upholds itself in the face of modern political, societal and environmental struggle. In viewing, you are invited to partake in the collaboration; journeying through the landscapes Polly passes and meeting the different ways in which people are carving their place. Be with her, as you are, in discovering the cost and the magic of living in the world today.

IMG_2155[1] (1)




‘Mirroring’ was an exhibition curated for the Norwich Arts Centre  featuring Darkroom photography by Polly Roberts set alongside seven of her short stories from the series Mirroring.  The stories explore various human forms of mirroring including the stories: ‘Self Reflection’, ‘Mirroring to Pretend’, ‘Final Reflections’ and ‘Mirroring to Convey the Personal and the Universal’.polly roberts unit 1




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