Grieving with the Animals

grieving with the animals

As the narrator in Grieving with the Animals, Polly Roberts takes her experience of exploring the natural world as a source of metaphor and imagery for grief and pain at the loss of a beloved person. In this debut poetry collection, she interweaves feelings of personal loss with her love of nature and her distress at the irrevocable ecological losses that the natural world is seeing. Animals, birds and their environment seem to echo and sympathise with human emotion, as the poems trace a path from innocence, through memories of happiness, to tragedy and mourning, arriving at a kind of peace and acceptance at last. Click the link below to purchase the collection.

Buy the collection through Dempsey and Windle

Social or Solitary


Social or Solitary is the semi-autobiographical story of a girl who leaves England to travel across North America. She is in search of a lifestyle that upholds itself in the face of current political, societal and environmental struggle. Through her interactions with the various subgroups and the landscapes which she passes, the narrator meets and observes the unique ways in which people are carving themselves their place in the world today.

The book includes prints of the artwork created in response to each chapter for the exhibition of the same name. Click the link below to purchase the book.

Buy the book on Amazon


Tommy Caterpillar

Tommy 3

An illustrated children’s book written by Polly Roberts for her neice Ashleigh in memory of her dad Tom Alton. Illustrated by Wendy Stayte. Currently unavailable.

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